Dimensional Strategy LLC equates environmentally responsible design with good business practice. Our environmentally conscious designs incorporate signature details, innovative building systems, quality finishes, with special attention given to form and functionality of buildings, life safety and security. We are responsible for not only designing buildings and environments that are innovative, safe and healthy, but also for broadening the adoption of environmentally sound practices and for acting as stewards of the earths’ resources. Our commitment is born of a belief that as designers we have been entrusted with a profound and implicit responsibility to the communities we serve. We consider the materials we suggest for projects not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also for their durability and sustainability.

Throughout every project, Dimensional Strategy LLC is committed to promote high-performance design that maximizes energy conservation, environmental comfort, and material efficiency, while creating minimal waste and environmental impact during the construction process. In the very beginning of earliest phases of a project, we seek every opportunity to enhance sustainability and long term value through careful planning and the introduction of green design concepts. Our extensive international portfolio consists of projects that advance environmental goals unique to place, climate, and program, and are evaluated against regional environmental performance standards, including LEED and others. We offer our clients choices in developing design strategies to reduce the use of unsustainable building materials, cut waste and conserve energy. By making the business case for sustainable design, we improve client adoption of environmentally responsible products and practices.

The practice of sustainable design ultimately depends on the experience, skill and execution of our design teams. This means that the increasing and refining individual knowledge of sustainable practices is a major priority for our firm. The firm strongly encourages staff members to become LEED-accredited and organizes in-house exam seminars. Accredited professionals are found at all levels of the firm, from the principals to the support stall. However, LEED accreditation is only the beginning. Sustainable design is a field that requires ongoing training and constant reevaluation of best practices as technologies advance and lessons are learned. Therefore, Dimensional Strategy provides a range of opportunities for continuing education where the essences of sustainable design strategies are tackled.